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Soil Testing Process Step by Step

Step 1

There are numerous compelling reasons to enter into a contract with A-1 Oil Tank Removal for comprehensive soil testing of underground heating oil tanks. Whether you currently have an active tank or are considering purchasing a home with an underground oil tank, we offer tailored services to address your specific needs and concerns.

For those with an active tank, our exclusive offering, Simple Guard, provides you with valuable protection against future leaks. By opting for Simple Guard, you can safeguard your tank and mitigate potential risks, ensuring peace of mind and long-term security.

If you are in the process of buying a home that includes an underground oil tank, A-1 is here to support you. Our experienced team can perform thorough sampling around the tank, offering you a comprehensive guarantee that covers all cleanup costs. This guarantee remains valid as long as you engage our services to remove the tank within six months, allowing you ample time to finalize the home purchase and proceed with the tank removal process smoothly.

Step 2

Once the utility mark-out process is completed, which typically takes three business days after a signed contract and receipt of the deposit, we will promptly schedule the crucial soil investigation work. Our team will dedicate one and a half to three hours to thoroughly conduct the investigation, ensuring comprehensive results.

During the investigation, if any contamination is detected, rest assured that we have you covered. Our skilled experts will carry out our proprietary soil delineation process, meticulously mapping out the extent of the contamination. This enables us to provide you with a fixed price for the necessary remediation work, ensuring transparency and eliminating any unexpected costs. And the best part? We offer this comprehensive soil investigation and delineation package for an affordable rate of just $600.00.

At A-1 Oil Tank Removal, we understand the importance of a streamlined process and prompt action. That's why we prioritize efficiency without compromising on the quality and accuracy of our services. By choosing us, you can confidently move forward with the necessary soil investigation, knowing that you're in capable hands.

Step 3

excavator removing underground oil tank

At A-1 Oil Tank Removal, we prioritize your satisfaction and provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Once the lab results are analyzed and confirmed as clean, we will promptly issue you a detailed report. This report serves as your ticket to peace of mind, as it grants you up to six months to engage our services for the removal of the oil tank.

To provide an added layer of protection and assurance, we offer a guarantee option. By opting for our guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that any required soil remediation will be fully covered by our team. We understand that unexpected costs can be a burden, and our guarantee is designed to alleviate that concern.

However, in the event that the lab results exceed the specified limits, there's no need to worry. We will promptly offer you a fixed price contract option for the additional work required. This ensures transparency and allows you to make informed decisions regarding the necessary steps for remediation.

What sets us apart from other contractors in the state of New Jersey is our commitment to comprehensive soil testing and customer satisfaction. We take pride in being the sole provider of guarantees and fixed price contracts. With A-1 Oil Tank Removal, you can trust that your project will be handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

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Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

(1) How is Your Soil Investigation Different then Your Competitors?

When it comes to a soil investigation around an existing underground heating oil tank, precision and accuracy are paramount. Many contractors adhere to the industry standard of hand probing three sides of the tank. However, the effectiveness of this method can vary depending on the soil composition, whether it's rocky or sandy. In some cases, they may not be able to probe to the required depth of approximately seven feet along the tank's bottom. Sampling at a shallower depth compromises the accuracy of the readings obtained. Moreover, hand equipment limitations prevent a thorough delineation of the soil, making it challenging to assess the extent of potential contamination accurately.

At A-1, we go above and beyond by utilizing state-of-the-art Geo Probe machines. These advanced tools allow us to conduct comprehensive soil sampling, reaching depths of up to twenty feet if necessary. By employing this specialized equipment, we can effectively track the contamination plume and provide you with a true fixed cost for the cleanup. Our confidence in the accuracy of our soil samples is so high that we offer a guarantee on our lab results, setting us apart from any other company in the state of NJ. Rest assured, when we test the tank before you buy a house and confirm its cleanliness, we assume the responsibility for any required cleanup after you close on the property as long as you enroll into our guarantee program. We charge $1,400.00 for a six month guarantee.

With A-1 Oil Tank Removal, you can trust that our soil investigations are conducted meticulously and with the utmost precision. Our commitment to accuracy, advanced equipment, and guarantee on lab results ensures that you receive reliable information to make informed decisions about your property.

(2) Should I Test the Soil around an Oil Tank that was Previously Filled with Sand?

When it comes to an existing underground oil tank that was previously filled in place, it is absolutely crucial to conduct a thorough soil investigation. Despite having all the "proper" documents from the township, it's important to note that soil testing was not mandatory at the time of tank filling. As a result, many of these tanks were leaking before they were filled, even though a simple visual inspection of the clean tank may have seemed sufficient to determine their condition.

A significant percentage of these tanks, upon removal, fail the visual inspections. To safeguard yourself and your investment, it is imperative to perform proper due diligence and have the soil tested before purchasing the property. By taking advantage of our guarantee, you can potentially save thousands of dollars in the future.

At A-1 Oil Tank Removal, we emphasize the importance of conducting comprehensive soil testing around previously filled underground oil tanks. We understand the potential risks and liabilities associated with these tanks and are committed to providing you with accurate information to make informed decisions.

(3) How Can I Purchase a House with a Leaking Underground Heating Oil Tank?

When it comes to purchasing a house with a leaking underground heating oil tank, we strongly advise conducting a soil investigation for a fixed price before finalizing the transaction. This crucial step allows us to accurately assess the contamination extent and provide you with an exact cost estimate down to the dollar. Our fixed price contract remains valid for six months, giving you ample time to close on the property and engage our services for the required work.

It's important to be aware that no other company in the state of NJ offers a genuine fixed price solution like ours. Beware of companies advertising fixed price proposals and make sure to carefully review the fine print in their contracts. We have thoroughly examined such agreements and can confirm that they do not provide true fixed price contracts.

At A-1 Oil Tank Removal, we prioritize transparency and ensuring our clients have peace of mind. Our fixed price approach sets us apart from the competition, giving you a clear understanding of the costs involved in addressing the leaking underground heating oil tank. You can trust that the quoted amount will be the only liability as long as you close on the property and engage our services within the six-month timeframe.

(4) Do I Get a Full Written Report Showing Where All the Samples Were Extracted from with a Fixed Price Soil Investigation Project?

No, this is precisely why we can offer our services at such a competitive price of $600. Our soil investigation serves a specific purpose: to assess the contamination extent and provide you with a fixed price for the cleanup. In most cases, we conduct field screening of the soil, which allows us to gather the necessary information without incurring excessive costs.

Performing a comprehensive soil delineation, which involves a written report, NJDEP certified subsurface evaluator, and extensive sampling, can easily amount to $4,500. However, we believe it is unnecessary to spend such a substantial amount solely to determine the cleanup cost.

Our approach is focused on efficiency and providing cost-effective solutions to our clients. By conducting a targeted soil investigation, we can accurately determine the extent of contamination and offer you a fixed price for the cleanup without incurring unnecessary expenses.

At A-1 Oil Tank Removal, we prioritize delivering exceptional value to our customers. Our streamlined process allows us to keep costs low while still providing the necessary information for an accurate fixed price assessment. Rest assured that our team is committed to providing efficient and cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

(5) Is Everyone Eligible for a Fixed Price Soil Investigation and or a Guarantee if the Soil is Clean?

No, it is important to note that if we are unable to access the tank area with our specialized Geo Probe equipment, we cannot provide a fixed price proposal or guarantee for the soil investigation. This is also why you won't find any other company in the industry offering similar specialized services. They simply lack the necessary equipment and expertise to take on such risks.

However, even if we are unable to use our equipment in certain situations, we can still conduct soil sampling around your tank manually. It's worth mentioning that in these cases, we cannot offer a fixed price or guarantee since the investigation will be performed using manual methods.

At A-1 Oil Tank Removal, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide comprehensive and reliable services using our state-of-the-art equipment. This allows us to accurately assess the extent of contamination and offer fixed price proposals and guarantees for our clients. While we understand that there may be limitations in accessing certain tank areas, we are committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise available.

Rest assured that we will make every effort to conduct a thorough investigation regardless of the access limitations. Our team of experts will work closely with you to determine the most suitable approach and provide the necessary information to address any soil contamination concerns you may have.

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